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JSC "Trust Equipment" was created in 2001 on the basis of enterprise TD "Nalchik Machine-Building Plant".The new company entered the market as a provider with a wider range of products offered for oil and gas complex enterprises, due to the fact that there are new dealerships and partnerships with several manufacturers of oilfield equipment.

Having a great time to experience the supply and the image of a reliable supplier of products for the oil and gas complex, as well as having a staff of experienced specialists in the supply of oil and gas equipment, customs and logistics, the company is developing dynamically, narabatyvaya new partnerships.

In 2001 the JSC "Trust Hardware" is the official representative of JSC "Machine Building Plant Nalchik" became the successor House "Nalchik Machine-Building Plant".Our company has many years of friendly and partnership relations with the plant.We deliver to the factory parts and supplies, sell their manufactured products that are always there in our presence, and optionally the client is installed on a variety of serial car chassis.

In 2001 the JSC "Trust Machinery 'supply of the product begins to DC" The plant UB and VT "(Ukraine).The plant produces heavy weight drill pipes of various types, heavy weight drill pipe type HW, Kelly of various sections.The products are manufactured on modern Italian equipment in accordance with standard API spec 7, the quality system fully complies with ISO 9001.We supply a complete clearance of the past with all necessary documents to the specified customer address of the consignee.

In 2006 the JSC "Trust Hardware" is the official distributor in Russia, and in 2007, and Kazakhstan, JSC "Machine Building Plant Drohobych" (Ukraine) - the largest manufacturer of modern and efficient rock cutting, fishing equipment and accessories for drilling and casing, the timing and neftegazopromyshlennogo equipment, filters, gas, container, block and cabinet gas distribution stations, as well as spare parts for mud pumps.At the plant operates a quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001-2001.Products shipped to the Russian Federation, taking into account the complete clearance of a package of accompanying documents.The company's products has established itself as a quality, modern, affordable and high-tech equipment.

All products supplied by our company are warranted production plants and service, where provided for by the manufacturer of this product.In addition to the above stated, the customer's specifications, our company develops and manufactures custom, small batch production or making structural changes to existing serial production in the city of Rostov-on-Don, own production facilities with a team of experienced designers, engineers and workers.All developed and manufactured products continue to pass the state certification and also has a lifetime warranty.

We have an opportunity to make deliveries to the address you specified the following products

* drilling tool:calibrators and centralizers, subs, fishing tools, chisels, reamers and t.d.
* gazopromyshlennoe equipment:distribution stations (GDS), gas pressure regulating block items, cabinet items regulatory, capacity for GDS, gas filters, plugs and quick-t.d.
* pipes for drilling and oil production:UBT, UBT HW, VBT, drilling, casing, oil pipelines, tubing.
* oilfield stationary and Machinery:paropromyslovye PPUA installation, the units for dewaxing ADPM wells, cementing units of CA, the NSA, the units for the collection of oil and condensate, DCA, washers AM, various trailers for the transport of petroleum products, process liquids, corrosive environments, and t.d.
* compressor units, spare parts and accessories.
* pumps, spare parts and accessories.
* X-mas and fittings, valves, gate, ball valves and t.d.
* chemicals for processes of drilling and oil production;
* Mechanical seals for pumps of different types (chemical, oil, water).

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